Vision, Mission and Values


The FPF acts to increasingly strengthen its role as the central reference in the development of Football in Portugal within the scope of ensuring this activity continues to grow as one of the most relevant in project for Portugal, Europe, and the world.

The FPF stands out as the dynamizing entity for Football as a sporting, economic, social, educational and leisure activity taking into account its rising relevance in youth training, the economy and the international image of the country.


The FPF holds as its mission the coordination, support, development and organisation of Football across all its different dimensions and categories within a harmonious whole that brings about the respective continuity and growth throughout all the national territory and across all social backgrounds and age ranges within the objective of positioning the organisation as one of the most competitive in the international panorama. The FPF closely cooperates with its international and national partners, both public and private, within a perspective of independence and mutual benefit within the framework of successfully complying with its mission.


The values that express the FPF Vision and Mission and that nurture the best conditions for achieving its objectives are: 1. The FPF believes that its own success is depends on all of its partners equally achieving success and hence always displays solidarity, transparency and loyalty towards them in striving for their objectives. 2. The FPF acts in accordance with the principles that enable its sustainable development and always fosters compliance with the highest ethical, social and environmentally responsible standards. 3. The FPF guarantees sporting truth at the core of its decisions, through the democratic functioning of its structure and dialogue with its partners. 4. The FPF encourages inclusion, the acquisition of knowledge and healthy life styles while simultaneously safeguarding the entertainment and economic activities of football. 5. The FPF defends “ZERO TOLERANCE” in relation to racism, discrimination and violence in football and any undue influencing of matches or results. 6. The FPF defends the rationale and business success of Football, guaranteeing transparency, integrity, loyalty and honesty even in the absence of any legal obligations or stipulations.