Terms and Conditions



1. Object

The present terms and conditions of usage establish the rules and obligations for accessing and using the websites of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF hereafter) available through fpf.pt.


2. Registration

Users may create a registration with the fpf.pt domain websites through filling out the respective registration form, providing a valid email address and accepting the current Terms and Conditions. This single registration is applicable to all the fpf.pt domain websites. Users thereby gain access to their personal area where they may change their data whenever so understanding. Should users not wish to registers for the fpf.pt websites, they may continue to make purchases in the Ticket Office and the Portugal Store without setting up any user profile.


3. Ownership of the Domain

The fpf.pt website is registered in accordance with the Regulations for Registering.PT Domains and is the property of FPF, Tax No. 500 110 387, with its headquarters on Avenida das Seleções, 1495-433 Cruz Quebrada - Dafundo.


4. Acceptance

4.1. The FPF makes available the contents of text, commentaries, messages, information, graphs, photographs, news or opinion articles, illustrations, software, audio and video contained on the website on the conditions of acceptance, without any reservations, conditions or modifications, of the current terms and conditions of utilisation..

4.2. Users may, at any moment in time, read the updated version of these Conditions by clicking on “Terms and Conditions”.


5. Contents

5.1. The fpf.pt websites are designed to provide information on the FPF activities within the scope of promoting and developing football and providing services of interest for expanding the practice of this sport and publishing the results, decisions, deliberations, nominations, directives, regulations and communications for their appropriately serious and adequate utilisation by interested parties.

5.2. The match results only become definitive following their approval according to the regulatory terms in effect.

5.3. The FPF proceeds with updating and correcting any errors that come to light with speed and thoroughness and fast and efficiently.

5.4. The FPF does not hold any liability for damage or harm resulting from the incorrect interpretation of any of the fpf.pt content, which does not constitute a professional or legal ruling, or of any other similar nature, and hereby recommends recourse to a duly qualified professional whenever there is the need for specific advice on any of the materials herein included.


6. Copyright and Industrial Property

6.1. All of the contents and pages made available on the fpf.pt domain websites are licenced or otherwise published following authorisation by the FPF and/or belong to the FPF.

6.2. Users hereby recognise that the contents belonging to the FPF are protected by copyright and similar rights under the legislation applicable. The FPF will not tolerate any infringements on its intellectual and industrial property or personality rights and/or third-party ownership.

6.3. All of the contents and services provided through fpf.pt are the property of the FPF or the third parties that have attributed authorisation for their utilisation on fpf.pt websites and that are duly protected by the nationally and internationally applicable legislation and regulations.

6.4. Any not specifically authorised copying, imitation, modification, reproduction, dissemination, transmission, sale, publication, distribution or utilisation, whether commercial or non-commercial, is forbidden.

6.5. The FPF authorises users to use, visualise, print, download and store the contents of informative texts, news and regulations whenever, without any modification or alteration beyond those mentioned in the source and the website address of specifically consulted contents, their utilisation serves for personal, professional or public and non-commercial purposes unable to cause harm to the FPF or any of its regular members.


7. Cookies

The fpf.pt uses cookies to improve and personalise experiences. Should you wish to turn off this function, deleting or blocking the application of cookies on your computer, please consult the FPF Cookies Policy. 


8. Liability Exclusion

8.1. This website was designed according to the very best developed technology. Nevertheless, the FPF does not guarantee no interruptions or disturbances to the service, loss of information, technical failures in replaying or visualising, incapacity of utilisation for whatever the cause, the non-existence of files or formats free or errors or computer viruses nor the continuity of contents.

8.2. Whenever such happens, the FPF proceeds with the rapid regularisation of the service functionality but hereby rejects any responsibility for damage, whether financial or otherwise, resulting from the correct or incorrect access or utilisation of fpf.pt.

8.3. The present declaration of non-liability of any responsibility is not designed to limit the responsibilities of the FPF in any way that runs counter to the applicable legislation nor to reject responsibility whenever such is legal unacceptable.


9. Sale of Tickets Online

9.1. Online Ticket Office

9.1.1. Persons interested in the online purchase of tickets for matches organised by the FPF should access the website area dedicated to such ticket sales (“Online Ticket Office”), selection the match they wish to watch alongside the category, zone, sector, place and number of tickets sought in accordance with the limitations established by the FPF.

9.1.2. For the Portugal Cup match finals, the FPF proceeds with the sale of tickets to all fans, with the number of tickets available limited in keeping with the ticket numbers that, according to the regulatory terms and the protocols in effect, are to be attributed to Regular Members for distribution to affiliated clubs, Clubs participating in direct sales to their fans, Event Sponsors, Government Entities and Charitable Institutions.

9.1.3. In qualification matches for the European Championship and World Cup tournaments, the fans of the opposition federation hold the right to a percentage of the tickets defined in accordance with the terms of regulation in effect (article 38 of the UEFA European Football Championship Regulations) whenever proving their nationality by displaying a valid passport.

9.1.4. In every FPF organised match, places are especially reserved for fans with disabilities and/or mobility restrictions, under the terms of the law and taking into consideration the capacity of the host stadium with interested parties needing to submit their requests through filling out the contact form accompanied by a digital copy of their multi-usage disability medical certificate.

9.1.5. THE USERS enter a waiting list whenever the number of requests exceed the number of tickets available.

9.1.6. THE WAITING LIST NUMBER attributed reports the preference position beyond the Users already accepted for the ticket purchasing process and does not guarantee any ticket acquisition.

9.1.7 THE USERS receives regular updates on the processing of their requests.

9.1.8. THE PURCHASE should be made within a maximum period of 10 (ten) minutes. At the end of this period, whenever the purchase is not made, interested parties should proceed to reactivate their registration.

9.1.9. THE FPF holds no responsibility for the introduction of incorrect information or any interruption or poor functioning of the Internet system.

9.1.10. THE "ONLINE TICKET OFFICE" contains all the information detailing the ticket categories and their corresponding prices.

9.1.11. Ticket payments may be made through Credit Cards (VISA or MASTERCARD), MEO Wallet or Paypal, with users in the case of choosing either of the first two methods of payment then providing the card number, its month and year of expiry and the CVV (Creditcard Validation Value) security code matching the final three digits displayed on the card’s reverse side.

9.1.12 The user, after having made the payment, receives an e-mail at the address provided registering confirmation of the purchase in conjunction with the respective tickets available for downloading.

9.1.13. The tickets may only be substituted for others in the same category or a superior category when so justified for reasons of safety or organisation.

9.1.14. The tickets acquired permit only a single entrance into the stadium.

9.1.15. The tickets hereby acquired cannot be used for any commercial or promotional purposes, resold, exchanged or returned apart from, in this latter case, whenever the match is postponed, cancelled or played behind closed doors.

9.1.16. The terms of access and the presence of fans in stadiums are binding to the bearers of tickets.

9.1.17. When the match takes place internationally, the FPF proceeds with the sale of the tickets made available by the organising federation, exclusively to Portuguese citizens and for the specific sector in accordance with the physical separation of fans under the terms of the applicable FIFA/UEFA regulations and informs on how they may be collected in accordance with the information provided by the peer federation.

9.1.20. Ticket holders are responsible for their preservation; in case of loss or bad condition, there are no means of reissuing tickets.

9.1.21. Ticket sales by FPF authorised partners:

9.1.22. The ticket sales by FPF authorised partners are subject to all of the rules contained in the current regulations with the exception of those that apply exclusively to the online sale of tickets.

9.1.22. Ticket holders are responsible for their preservation; in case of loss or bad condition, there are no means of reissuing tickets or claims for refunds from the FPF authorised partner.

9.1.23. The payment for tickets is defined according to the means of payment made available by FPF authorised partners and are exclusively their responsibility.

9.2. The terms of access to stadiums are the following​:

9.2.1. To be aged over six with exceptions made on signing a declaration of responsibility by the parents, legal representatives or guardians of minors whenever duly identified on accessing the stadium;

9.2.2. Holding a valid ticket and identification document with a photograph;

9.2.3. Consenting to the recording and reproduction of image and sound, including individual identification and recognition through any media channel and especially social networks for any legal purposes, specifically promotional;

9.2.4. Not being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances or products causing similar effects;

9.2.5. Accepting being subject to control and doping tests under the supervision of security force members on duty for the match;

9.2.6. Not making any racist or xenophobic chants/remarks or any that incite violence;

9.2.7. Do not display banners, flags, symbols or other signs with offensive, violent, racist, xenophobic, sexist, provocative, political, religious or ideological messages or any other that may in any way incite violence or discrimination;

9.2.8. Agreeing to respect the norms for the internal regulation in terms of prevention and punishing any displays of violence, racism, xenophobic and intolerance at sporting events and the regulations for internal safety and utilisation of public access areas;

9.2.9. Not carrying materials or clothing with any commercial references, advertising or promotional, apart from those distributed by the FPF on entrance to the match;

9.2.10. Not carrying video cameras or other long-range video recording or photographic equipment except for personal use and only with one set of replacement or rechargeable batteries;

9.2.11. Not carrying any beverages;

9.2.12. Authorise the prevention and security body search and search of belongings, including through palpation, with the aim of detecting and/or preventing the entry or existence of objects or substances that are prohibited or likely to give rise to violent acts;

9.2.13. Not carrying objects, materials or substances that may represent a security threat, disrupt the process of the match, impede or hinder the visibility of other spectators, cause damage to persons or goods and/or give rise to or enable acts of violence, in particular:

a. Balls, umbrellas, helmets;

b. Animals, except for guide dogs or police dogs when their access is permitted by law;

c. Flagpoles or similar;

d. Weapons of any kind, ammunition or its components, as well as any blunt objects such as knives, darts, tools or syringes;

e. Projectiles of any kind such as bolts, pieces of wood or metal, stones, glass, cans, bottles, cups, mugs, packs, boxes or any containers that may be thrown and cause injury;

f. Bulky items such as ladders, stools or chairs;

g. Fire extinguishers, corrosive or flammable substances, explosive or pyrotechnic substances, liquids and gases, fireworks, flares, paints, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnic materials;

h. Aerosol gas cans or containers containing substances that are harmful to health or are flammable;

i. Horns, megaphones, radios and other noise-producing instruments;

j. Laser pointers or other luminous devices capable of causing physical damage or disturbing the concentration or performance of players and other sports agents;

k. video cameras or other video recording equipment or cameras, in accordance with paragraph 10 above;

9.2.14. Failure to comply with the conditions of access implies prohibition of access to the sports venue, without the right to refund of the ticket price.


9.3. Conditions for spectators to remain in the sport venue:

9.3.1. Complying with the internal regulations on security and use of publicly accessible spaces in the stadium;

9.3.2. Maintaining compliance with the access and security conditions;

9.3.3 Not obstructing the access and evacuation routes, in particular the emergency exits, without prejudice to their use by spectators with disabilities;

9.3.4. Not climbing to structures and installations not intended for public use, in particular facades, fences, walls, metal meshes, barriers, lighting poles, camera platforms, trees, masts or any kind of roofs, tunnels, screens and other equipment or constructions;

9.3.5. Not entering the field or the area around the field;

9.3.6. Not accessing reserved areas or areas that are not intended for the;

9.3.7. Not moving from one sector to another;

9.3.8.  Not writing or painting on or affix anything to the premises or corridors of the sports venue;

9.3.9. Not throwing any objects or liquids inside the sports venue;

9.3.10. Not using any pyrotechnic devices or devices producing similar effects;

9.3.11. Not insulting or failing to respect national symbols through any means of communication with the public;

9.3.12. Not consuming alcoholic beverages outside the areas reserved for that purpose;

9.3.13. Not selling goods or tickets, distribute printed material or carry out any other promotional or commercial activity;

9.3.14. Not recording, transmitting or broadcasting any sounds, images, descriptions or results of the game, in whole or in part, by any means, and not to assist any person in performing these activities, except for private use

9.3.15. Not engaging in violent acts, display banners, flags or symbols or sing chants of a racist or xenophobic nature, or that incite violence, racism or xenophobia, intolerance or any form of discrimination, or that express political ideas.

9.3.16. Abiding by the instructions of FPF, security personnel, stewards, police forces, firefighters or emergency services, including when there is the need to change seats.

9.3.17. Failure to comply with the conditions of stay implies the expulsion from the sports venue, without the right to refund of the ticket price.


10. Complaints

If you encounter difficulties in accessing or browsing the fpf.pt websites, you can make a complaint by filling out the form available on the website under the heading Contact Us and entering the respective reason in the subject field. The answers are sent to the e-mail address provided by the User.


11. Update

The information contained in the present terms and conditions is subject to constant update by the FPF.

The FPF reserves the right to modify, edit or delete all or part of these Conditions and to establish new conditions of usage. Such modifications or additions to the Conditions will take effect after their publication on the website.


12. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Portuguese law shall apply to all matters governed by these conditions. In case of dispute in the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, the courts of Lisbon will have jurisdiction.


13. Online Store

13.1. Use of content

13.1.1. All contents included on https://portugalstore.fpf.pt/pt/ (logos, images, videos and texts) are property of FPF

13.1.2. Any modification, copying, distribution, transmission, publication, license or creation of contents or works that are based on or that integrate the contents of the Online Store of the FPF without prior written authorisation to this effect is strictly prohibited.

13.1.3. The FPF may at any time and for its sole convenience change, suspend or discontinue any of the contents made available on the website, without prior notice and without any obligation to indemnify third parties due to the modification.

13.1.4. The User undertakes to navigate and use this website complying with the provisions of applicable legislation, refraining from using this platform and its content for activities contrary to law, morals and good customs, or rights and interests of third parties.


13.2. General Conditions of Sales of Goods or Services

13.2.1. Conclusion of contract

The contracts are executed through the website by electronic means, in Portuguese or English, depending on the User's preference.

13.2.2. Correction of Errors in the Order

Any errors, exclusively attributable to the customer, can only be corrected if it has not yet been shipped and the user should contact us through the following form. A The intended correction will only be considered valid after a written confirmation of the FPF.


13.3. Product

13.3.1. The warranty periods for the products start from the moment that one a paid order is sent by the FPF to the address indicated by the User.

13.3.2. Product customisations are only possible on products identified for this purpose.

13.3.3. Personalisation can be made using letters, numbers and badges, and these elements shall be identified in the items subject to this service and with a limit of characters according to the product.

13.3.4. It is not possible to make customisation changes to orders that were already paid.


13.4. Price

13.4.1. The price of products available online is always presented in Euros (€), and VAT is included at the legal rate in force.

13.4.2. The FPF reserves the right to change, at any time, the information on the commercial offer announced on prices, promotions and commercial conditions.

13.4.3. Delivery costs may be added to the price of each product, and will be added to the final price in the shopping cart.


13.5. Campaigns and Promotions

13.5.1. The promotional code will be automatically applied to the User's order and will be reflected in the total price of the final invoice, not being exchangeable for its cash value.

13.5.2. Some codes may be for purchases of a particular item or category of products on an exclusive basis.


13.6. Payment Methods

By proceeding to the completion of the order, namely for payment, the User may choose from the following methods of payment:





The FPF reserves the right to accept only the methods of payment listed above.


13.7. Secure Payment

13.7.1. In order to minimise the likelihood of unauthorised access to the User's bank data, the data of the bank card used will be encrypted and sent to the remote electronic payment service provider without third parties having access to the transmitted information.

13.7.2. Payment by credit card is subject to verification and authorisation by the issuers. If the issuer of a bank card does not authorise the payment, the FPF cannot be held liable for any delay or failure to deliver orders and may refuse to enter into a contract with the User.

13.7.3. The FPF shall not be liable, under any circumstances, for any damages suffered as a result of the use of electronic means of communication including, but not limited to, damages resulting from failures or delays in electronic communications, interception or manipulation of communications or virus transmissions.

13.7.4. The information used for payments is confidential and will not be used by the FPF, except to perform the necessary procedures for purchase or return.


13.8. Shipping Costs

13.8.1. The delivery of orders is subject to the payment by the customer of the shipping costs in force at the time of order and considering the method of transportation and weight of the order.

13.8.2. The shipping prices include VAT at the legal rate in force.

13.8.3. In the case of shipments to countries outside the European Union, the same are subject to the payment of Customs Taxes that are determined by the country of destination, payment of which is the sole responsibility of the customer. In the event of a return to the FPF of the order for lack of payment by the customer of the Customs Fees for which the customer is responsible, the customer will bear the relevant costs.

13.8.4. The products will be delivered by mail or by carrier at the address indicated by the customer when the order is placed. The services and content will be provided in a manner appropriate to its nature.

13.8.5. The User will be informed via e-mail of the status of his/her order. If it is not delivered due to a reason like Absent Recipient, the User will be notified by the transport company to pick-up the order at the nearest collection point, the deadline for picking up the order being indicated, or to reschedule the delivery.

13.8.6. If there is no rescheduling requested by the User, and if it the delivery of the order to the recipient by the carrier is impossible, it will be sent back to the warehouse.

13.8.7. The FPF will make the necessary and anticipated efforts to guarantee the effective delivery of the products acquired by the customer within the stipulated time, if they are available at the moment.

13.8.8. If there is no complaint by the User, alleging that his order has not been delivered after 30 days, the FPF reserves the right to attribute another use to the products.

13.8.10. Order shipments are only carried out on weekdays, so weekends and holidays are excluded from the estimated time for delivery of orders.

13.8.11. Any User errors in the order or changes to it may only be corrected or made up to the moment of the purchase confirmation by the User, that is, the payment.


13.9. Right to Freely Terminate the Contract

13.9.1. The User has the right to freely terminate the contract, with the right to reimbursement of all sums paid in accordance with the legal instruments mentioned below, namely in Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of February 14 (amended by Law No. 47 / 2014, of 07/07), without the need to indicate the reason or right to compensation.

13.9.2. Except in the cases expressly indicated, the User may freely terminate the contract without payment of compensation and without having to indicate the reason for the exchange or return, within a period of 30 (thirty) consecutive days counted from the date of receipt of the products of the order at the destination address.

13.9.3. The right of termination provided for in the preceding paragraph shall be exercised by filling the return form in the User’s account, under “My orders”, if you are a registered user, or through the online store contact form, if you are not a registered user.

13.9.4. The right of termination shall only be valid and effective if the customer restores the product(s) within a maximum period of 14 days from the date on which he/she communicated to FPF his/her decision to terminate the contract, as provided for in the previous paragraph, in the exact original conditions in which they were sent to the address indicated by the User, and upon delivery of the return note.

13.9.5. The shipping costs concerning the return of the products to the warehouse will be assumed by the customer, and can be reimbursed only after FPF’s evaluation.

13.9.6. The products to be returned must be sent to:

Edifício CTT Expresso


Lugar do Quintanilho

2664-500 São Julião do Tojal


13.9.7. The FPF may withhold the refund until it has received the returned goods.

13.9.8. The customer does not have the right to freely terminate the contracts whose goods acquired:

i) have been personalised (considered as such the goods in which any characteristics or specific mentions have been added at the customer's request).

ii) In contracts where the goods or services acquired, by their nature, cannot be returned.

13.9.9. In case of termination of the contract, and after confirmation of the status of the returned products, all payments regarding the costs of the products shall be reimbursed to the User without undue delay and, in any case, not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which we are informed of his/her decision to terminate the contract.

13.9.10. In case the User exercises the right to freely terminate the contract as established above, the FPF shall reimburse the amounts paid by the User using the same payment method used by the User.

13.9.11. The right to terminate the contract will only take effect if the products are in the same state as the User has received them. The products must be returned accompanied by all the items that comprise them (accessories, manuals, labels, packaging materials ...). All products that are damaged, that are not in the same condition as they were at the moment of delivery or that have signs of misuse other than those caused by simply opening the package, shall not be accepted. The User must guarantee all necessary care with the article(s) to be returned, as long as they are in his/her possession. The FPF reserves the right not to accept the return of articles that do not include the label or which have been adulterated against its original state, which implies the non-refund of such articles.


13.10. User Obligations

As a condition for the use allowed in these Conditions, the User undertakes to:

a) respect the rights of FPF and third parties;

b) not to violate the good practices and to respect all and any legal provisions, making a correct and adequate use of the website, with strict respect to the present conditions that he/she has read, understood and accepted in full and without any restrictions;

c) not to modify the software in any way, nor to use modified forms of the software, in particular for obtaining unauthorised access to the contents or any reserved content.


14. Portugal+

14.1 What is​ Portugal+?

Portugal+ is the official community of the Portuguese Football Teams fans, created by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF). This community intends to gather a community of fans providing them with the benefits described in point 15.4.

14.2 Benefits of Portugal+

14.2.1. The program’s benefits are deemed expressly, voluntarily and unreservedly accepted when joining the program.

14.2.2. You may join Portugal+ for free.

14.2.3. The fans will receive the following benefits:

a) Fans will have, whenever possible, priority access to FPF products;

b) Fans can participate in exclusive contests and initiatives of Portugal+;

c Access to Portugal+ can be made through portugal.fpf.pt;

d) As soon as the fans sign in on Portugal+, they can participate in its initiatives and activities;

e) Fans will have access to the joining offers in force at the moment they join;

f) Fan will have access to exclusive articles and contents exclusive of Portugal+;

g) Fans will receive the exclusive newsletter Portugal+;

h) Portugal+ may offer benefits other than those available at the moment you join, or change the existing benefits.

14.2.4. The FPF reserves the right to change the benefits of Portugal+ without prior notice and whenever deemed appropriate.

14.3 Suspension or Cancellation by the FPF

14.3.1. Each fan is entitled to an access per person to Portugal+. If various registrations are made for the same person, subscription may be cancelled or suspended.

14.3.2 FPF reserves the right to suspend or cancel the subscription of a fan in case of inadequate or abusive use of Portugal+ including without limitation the following situations: swearing or use of language which is obscene, manipulation or attempted manipulation of the contests and games of Portugal+, behaviours which are an incitement to violence or discrimination of any type.


15. Personal Data and Confidentiality

15.1. Processing of Personal Data

The FPF shall be the controller of the personal data collected through the fpf.pt domain websites. The legal basis for data processing is the consent given at the time of registration. The data is processed exclusively for the purpose of using the fpf.pt domain websites. You may, at any time, revoke the consent given. You may also access, rectify, cancel, eliminate or oppose the processing of the personal data provided, by sending a request to the FPF, through completing the contact form, available at http://www.fpf.pt/pt/contactos. The FFP has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who may be contacted at the following address: [email protected]. The request addressed by the data subject shall be assessed and answered within a maximum of 30 days. The processing of personal data will not exceed the purposes mentioned above. We do not share personal data with Third Parties except with your consent or to fulfil the purpose for which the data were provided. We also share data where required by law or to respond to legal proceedings. The FPF uses security procedures to help protect personal data from unauthorised access, usage or disclosure. If you need to, you may also lodge a complaint with the Portuguese National Data Protection Commission (CNPD). For more information about the FPF's privacy policies, please consult the Privacy Policy available at www.fpf.pt.

15.2 Processing of Personal Data of Minors

The FPF shall not collect or process personal data provided by minors under the age of thirteen (13). The FPF reserves the right to confirm, by any means it deems appropriate, the age indicated in the form, and can refuse the registration in case the user is under the legal age to register.


16. Consent Management

16.1. The Users may at any time object to the processing and/or revoke the consent given at the time of registration, and their data will be deleted, together with the login and password for access to the area reserved for users on the websites under the domain fpf.pt.

16.2. To this end, you must send your request through contact form of website fpf.pt.

16.3. The Users also has the right to consult, change or rectify their data. For further information on this matter, please consult the FPF Privacy Policy.

16.4. If the Users are under 18 years of age, they should seek permission from their parents or legal representative before:

- Contacting the websites under the fpf.pt domain

- Sending any information request to the websites under the fpf.pt domain

- Buying any product online on the websites under the fpf.pt domain; 

16.4.1. By continuing to use the websites under the fpf.pt domain and any of the services made available on them, the Users confirm that they have obtained the consent of their parents or legal representative. All minors are recommended to share these Terms and Conditions with their parents or legal representative before completing the registration process.

16.5. If the Users do not wish to register, they may at any time make the desired purchase without creating a user profile, providing the essential data for the transaction.

Last update: 31/03/2020